Monday, September 29, 2008

Loryn ready for Church

I decided to try something new on the girls hair. I did Loryn's hair then I said "Abbi your turn." Abbi said, "I only want one hair things, Mom." So Abbi did not get her hair done the same way. I was surprised that Loryn sat there the whole time and didn't even whine. What a sweetheart.

Joy School

Last Thursday we started a Joy School for the girls with some of my friends in the ward. Abbi was so excited for her first day of preschool. They did great and Abbi asks everyday if she gets to go to school. We are only doing it one day a week for our sanity as mothers.

Purina Farms

Our ward has started a playgroup twice a month and last week we went to Purina Farms (Purina dog chow). They had farm animals, dogs, and cats. We were able to see there demonstration on the cow milking. The kids got to try but Abbi and Loryn wanted nothing to do with touching the cow. We also able to go to a dog show. Abbi got to be apart of the show and I was so proud that she did not freak out.