Friday, May 30, 2008

For family home evening we decided to go and get a ice cream cone from McDonalds. I think this was the first time Loryn has had a ice cream cone and she loved it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our trip to Richmond, Virginia

So we decided to drive to Richmond, Virginia last week to visit Family. This is a picture of us at my cousin Linda's house. We stayed with her over night on our way there. She lives in Louisville, KY. The girls loved her. When we got to Virginia my cousin Danial and his family gave us directions to Jamestown (the first colony of America)
We took a ferry to Jamestown.
Us on the top level of the ferry.

Our car on the ferry.
We went to St. James museum, replica of the fort, ships and Indian huts.
Justin in the Platoon learning how to protect us against the opposing forces.
Becca and the girls in front of the Indian Huts.
Abbi grinding corn into corn meal.
Becca and the girls in a Indian hut.
Justin and the girls in a ship the actual size of the ones they sailed over on. There were places that Justin could not stand up, that is where the passengers lived down with the cargo and cannons.
Justin and Abbi getting ready for army patrol.
A replica of the fort in St. James.

Our drive home 15 hours in the car.

Friday, May 2, 2008

So this is the other dress I made, it has a jacket but the picture was horrible, Abbi had her eyes closed and in movement when I took it. I think it looks like a prom dress, that was not my intention. The whole time she wear the dress she danced around saying, "I am princess Annalee." She has a Barbie movie that has a girl named Princess Annalise, Abbi thinks it is Annalee so she named her Barbie that and the Ken doll Prince Nathan. If you do not know my older sister's name is Annalee and her husband is named Nathan so that is where the Nathan comes in.

Our Zoo Trip

Justin and girls in front of Abbi's favorite animal the Elephants

Abbi took the picture of the giraffes.
Justin and the girls next to the birds

Us seeing the grizzly bear

My big Ideas

So we were at Walmart and I saw this material and I got the big idea that I would make Abbi some summer dresses. I had enough material left over that I made a bag that Abbi thinks she can take her lunch in to nursery and then the head band. I think she look adorable.