Saturday, January 2, 2010

December update Sorry it is so long

My Beautiful baby Loryn just turned 3.

Loryn's Birthday!
When I asked Loryn what kind of cake she wanted she said she wanted a mermaid cake so I went to the internet for help. This is what we came up with and Loryn was happy with it. We had cousins over and had a great time.

Christmas Morning
We had a wonderful day. Santa Claus hit some great sells buy a barbie and get one free, buy a barbie car and get one free. Then the rest he found at yard sales or craigs list is where I found the kitchen set. What they don't know wont hurt them.
Brigham could have just got the wrapping paper and he would have been happy.

One day I was cutting Justin's hair and when I got done I decided to cut everyones hair. I cut a good couple of inches off of the girls and trimmed Brigham's.