Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moving during the Holidays

We are still alive. Yes this has been a busy couple of weeks. We have all of our stuff packed, shipped, and in Idaho. We are still in Missouri staying at our friends apartment (the Waltons). I am leaving Christmas night and flying into Salt Lake with Loryn. Then the next morning Justin, Abbi, uncle Braeden and Justin's Mom are driving to Wyoming then to Idaho. Then we get to unpack. We are moving in with my parents then it will be waiting for the new business stuff to begin and the arrival of our baby. I have 4 weeks left from today. Hope everyone is having Happy Holidays.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Holidays

Sorry for the long delay in blogging. Since Halloween we have started to pack up the apartment in preparation of moving after Christmas back to Idaho. Abbi is so excited and tells everyone that she sees. My sister,Annalee, was able to come the weekend before Thanksgiving and we had a early feast. It is always fun to have her come and stay but a little crazy in our 2 bedroom apartment and 6 little girls 6 years and younger. The girls don't seem to mind that there is toys everywhere.

It was also nice to have my sister here because Justin and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. We were able to get out of the house all by ourselves to go do something fun together. 5 years and 2 8/10ths children later. We have had a wonderful journey so far and excited to see what the Lord has in plan for the coming years.

So after all the fun with anniversaries and family around we paid for the playing. Abbi woke up from her Sunday afternoon nap and said her tummy hurt, that was the beginning of our fun thanksgiving week. Abbi slept on the toilet all night, Loryn got it the next night, then I was blessed to get it the next day. By the time Thanksgiving came around we did want to curse anyone else with the flu, since my sister had gone home and their family all went through it, we decided to let the monster die at our house and not pass it on. Since we had a early Thanksgiving dinner with my sister here we made spaghetti for dinner, went for a walk to the park (it was a beautiful day) and put up the Christmas tree. Over all it was a good Thanksgiving and one we will never forget. The rest of the pictures are of the girls in their Indian outfits that we made at playgroup, girls painting their nails and daddy with his girls. Hope your Holidays are going well.