Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Sweet baby boy is 1. The year has gone by so fast. His dinosaur cake did not turn out that great but it works. Brigham is a happy boy who already loves to tease, make his sisters laugh and knows how to get his way. He just started to walk on his birthday and is picking it up fast. He is a joy in our home.

One beautiful Saturday afternoon we went and played in the snow. Abbi loved riding in the sled, Loryn was scared and Brigham did not quite know what to think while he was dumped out face first into the snow.

OUr Family was able to go bowling. The girls loved it. Abbi would have bowled all day if we would have let her.

Just one more quick note. Loryn was asked to give the scripture and Prayer in Primary. She could do any scripture. I was a little worried due to the fact that she is the youngest sunbeam in Primary. So we worked with her through out the week and on Sunday when it was her turn she stood up and said the first Article of Faith all by herself. She did so good they asked her to say it again, so she did. Then I told her to say the pray and she started it off all by herself. I did help her some at the end but she did wonderful. She has learned well from her sister, because Abbi always wants to give a talk and when she is asked to she always does a wonderful job.