Thursday, March 7, 2013

To start out I have missed a ton of things. As I was looking through our pictures that I finally got off our camera, that is a long story in itself, but it had pictures clear back from our Ward Trek, First day of School, Halloween, to Birthdays. So to start off I am doing birthdays. Loryn's birthday was back in Dec. We had Justin's younger brother staying with us over Christmas and we were so excited when he joined us on our family outing to FAT CATS for miniature golf, bowling and pizza. After all that fun, I hadn't made a cake so we compromised and when out for Frozen Yogurt at Kiwi Loco. The Kids loved it. Loryn wouldn't let me get away without making a cake for her so I made it the next day, here it is: Next two weeks later we celebrated Livia's 2nd Birthday. We spent her birthday cuddling with a fever for 48 hours, so when she finally felt better we went to my parents for cake, I forgot my camera so no pictures. Two weeks later we celebrated Brigham and I's Birthday. Justin made me Lemon Meringue Pie. Then on March 2nd we throw a party for Abbi. It was her first Birthday party that didn't just consist of family or adult friends. We told her that turning 8 was a big year, and this would be her one and only Party. We went all out. We rented a Gym. Few Pictures: Even Grandpa jumped in the pit, it was getting out that was the problem he kept yelling for a survival rope to help him out. This is a picture of the whole group.

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